dawn, for a change

usually I photograph sunsets. often spectacular here. but sometimes the dawn is fantastic as well! I took multiple photos in the chilly early morning (the dog REALLY wanted to go inside). but I stayed to take 30 photos of the sunrise. something particularly inspiring about a dawn. the daily rebirth?

over-the-top technique

Jean Dubuffet butterfly wings, ink, gouache and paper collage in this week’s Focus On Abstraction meeting (thursdays, 11am CST), as requested by one of the member of the group, we will be discussing extreme uses of technique when creating a painting. Albert Oehlen “More Fire and Ice” (2001), a mixed-media work on canvas the artists discussed …

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similar but not the same

July 16, 2021 (updated July 23, 2021) Published by jayInStudio in our weekly online meeting of artists, this week we discussed two similar artists’ works. Richard Diebenkorn and Frank P Phillips, a contemporary artist. Diebenkorn died in 1993, after a very successful career of painting and teaching. Frank P Phillips was born in 1974. it …

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What to see in Atlanta

on my recent annual visit with my sister, Chery Baird, who lives in Atlanta, we spent a day visiting the High Museum, and several galleries. although i saw a few interesting paintings, many of the galleries were showing rather tepid work. pale color, relaxing quiet abstractions… perhaps because it is summer. the main draw of …

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